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Zain KSA, a leader in telecom and digital services, has joined forces with Red Sea Global (RSG), the visionary developer responsible for pioneering regenerative tourism havens like the Red Sea and Amaala. This strategic collaboration heralds the unveiling of the world's inaugural zero-carbon 5G network, poised for its debut at the Six Senses Southern Dunes resort, a pivotal jewel within RSG's flagship locale, the Red Sea.

This cutting-edge, zero-carbon 5G network, thoughtfully tailored for the Red Sea, stands as the resort's latest technological marvel. Conceived with a dual commitment to both humanity and the environment, this innovative 5G network is primed to provide guests with unparalleled 5G connectivity speeds within the region. Notably, it will derive all its power from renewable sources, drawing energy from an expansive array of over 760,000 solar panels meticulously erected by Red Sea Global to energize the vast expanse of the Red Sea destination.

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Deghaither, executive officer engineer at Zain KSA Chief, said: "As a leading provider of telecommunications and digital services, we are immensely proud of this achievement that will certainly pave our way to becoming a pioneering sustainable technology provider. By collaborating with "Red Sea Global", one of the world’s most visionary developers of sustainable development, we reaffirm our commitment to a shared vision that balances achieving human prosperity with the preservation of nature and its sustainability for future generations, as outlined by Saudi Vision 2030."

Announcing the Zain partnership, John Pagano, group CEO, noted: "We aspire to be global pioneers of regenerative tourism development, adopting 100% renewable energy at our flagship destination, the Red Sea, and working towards the achievement of a 30% net conservation benefit by 2040. These ambitious goals demand ambitious partners, and our collaboration with Zain KSA transcends telecommunications, extending into sustainability and environmental protection."

He added, "Zain KSA has demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements and provided us with the services and solutions necessary to achieve our strategic objectives. Together, we are determined to make a meaningful impact that sets new standards in sustainable development."

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D printing innovation, the project aims to accomplish three key objectives: conservation of the ecosystem, curbing emissions through the use of sustainable energy, and addressing visual discrepancies. The structures have been meticulously constructed to seamlessly merge with the distinctive and dynamic environment of the Red Sea.

Taking inspiration from the nearby rock formations, the external appearance of the towers effortlessly integrates into the resort's indigenous surroundings, guaranteeing negligible visual disruption and upholding the project's ecological soundness.

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