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du announced a further expansion of scope of services with Polystar, a leading supplier of Network and Customer Analytics, Network Monitoring, and Service Enablement solutions to the telecoms industry.

The expanded agreement extends the existing solutions to encompass du's new IMS and VoLTE service elements. The deployment of a full IMS core and the launch of VoLTE services will introduce additional levels of network challenges. In addition to the new IMS and VoLTE service elements, there is an existing, multi-domain network that includes GSM, GPRS, UMTS and LTE technologies.

du continues to deliver an outstanding customer experience and assure service quality, end-to-end across all domains. The system expansion will deliver new insights for the telco, enabling the experiences of different customers and segments to be more effectively monitored and managed. For example, the detailed reporting will allow du to obtain accurate customer experience information for its most valuable customers, ensuring that SLAs are delivered effectively. Similarly, du can also secure more reliable information regarding the performance of its leading roaming partners. The end-to-end view of service performance can be mapped to each and every subscriber, enabling the most accurate picture of experience and quality to be obtained both in real-time and historically.

Polystar's Service Assurance solution is at the heart of the Big Data analytics enablement platform. The open architecture of the platform, together with the advanced real-time analytics capabilities, enables delivery of rich intelligence via APIs and data feeds to third party systems. Full details of signalling transactions and records are provided to du's Big Data solution in a way that will allow du to build an entirely new Customer Experience Management (CEM) model, enriched with real-time data from Polystar.

"We continue to collaborate with global best practice service providers to ensure that our services and solutions continue to safeguard an outstanding experience for all our valued customers. We are leveraging Polystar's expertise to build our CEM model for mobile customers and to introduce independent benchmarking for our VoLTE and other services," commented Saleem AlBlooshi, executive vice president - Network Development & Operations, du. "We have worked together with Polystar to streamline their solution to suit our requirements and to include new features that are essential for delivering best in breed services to our end users."

Polystar's network and service analytics allows du to provide voice quality reporting. It's at the heart of of du's Service Quality Management program to analyse individual events, perform detailed troubleshooting.

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