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As Ooredoo and Oman continue to embrace fast, reliable and efficient 5G services, they also diligently prepare for the phase-out of 3G, a process globally dubbed “sunsetting.”

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the 3G sunset will start in Oman in Q3 2024.

In response to this, Ooredoo has intensified its efforts to ensure the long-term compatibility and resilience of smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices that presently depend on mobile 3G connectivity.

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Saied Al Lawati, director of business marketing and ICT solutions at Ooredoo Oman, said, “Currently, most Internet of Things devices rely on 3G connectivity, which is why future-ready Ooredoo is upgrading them if necessary. The once cutting-edge 3G network must gradually make room for the next generation of technology.”

Recently, Ooredoo carried out a limited connectivity trial on specific IoT devices, including smart point-of-sale solutions, intelligent meters designed to autonomously record energy and water consumption, and an In-Vehicle Monitoring Solution (IVMS) for real-time vehicle tracking.

By temporarily disabling the 3G services currently supporting these devices, Ooredoo assessed their hardware and will conduct additional enhancements if needed, all while ensuring that their data remains compatible with cloud-based systems.

“4G, 5G and Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) networks provide unparalleled internet speeds, low latency, ultra-reliable connectivity, and are more environmentally friendly. We are confident that this new era will result in the efficient powering of rapidly evolving next-generation technologies like IoT and augmented reality,” explained Al Lawati.

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