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etisalat by e& has declared the successful conclusion of the initial trial for the world's first 1.6Tbps per wavelength technology on the Optical Transport network, representing a significant achievement in the ultra-high-speed optical industry. 

Advancements in Transmission Technologies

This technological milestone showcases that etisalat by e& is well-equipped for advancements in transmission technologies, paving the way for a 100T network platform dedicated to hyperscale cloud computing. This achievement further accelerates the 10 Giga UAE initiative, focused on delivering 10 Gbps connectivity to individuals, homes, and enterprises.

etisalat by e& continues leading the optical industry with advanced innovative solutions and early technology adoption. The 1.6Tbps per wavelength technology tested by etisalat by e& in collaboration with Huawei is part of its efforts to provide the most advanced and robust network in the UAE.

Khalid Murshed, Chief Technology & Information Officer, etisalat by e&, said: “We are committed to delivering a premium experience to our customers and are excited to bring this latest optical technology to the UAE. The 1.6Tbps innovation is a result of our focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences. This is part of our network transformation journey to provide some of the fastest energy-efficient connectivity for hyper scale computing, while also surpassing customer expectations by providing superior experience.”

Network Capacity

The network currently possesses the capacity of 1.6Tbps per wavelength on the data center OSN 9800 Kepler platform. This advancement not only caters to the increasing capacity demands of cloud-based business services, improved 10G home broadband, and advanced 5G services but also results in a 65% reduction in per-Gbit power consumption. This establishes a robust foundation for modern digitalization and a future that prioritizes environmental sustainability.

This impressive speed of 1.6Tbps per wavelength will help etisalat by e& fulfil its promise to deliver the best–in-class optical network in UAE. With the integration of the 1.6Tbps technology, alongside Super C+L and CDC-F solutions, etisalat by e& optical network is poised to make significant progress toward achieving 100T and a flexible optical network. This advancement positions the network to meet the evolving demands of advanced 5G mobile networks and fulfill the futuristic requirements of customers' businesses seamlessly.

Promoting Network Evolution

As one of the most advanced telecom operators globally, etisalat by e& promotes network evolution and service transformation with best-in-class technologies. The creation of a forefront environmentally sustainable all-optical network is a testament to its commitment. Incorporating state-of-the-art end-to-end all-optical cross-connect (OXC) and DWDM 400G/800G solutions, it has established an ultra-broadband, low-latency, and highly available optical network. This infrastructure ensures an exceptional user experience.

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