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Aiming to maximize joint sustainability efforts, Red Sea Global (RSG) and Zain KSA have designed and installed innovative telecom towers to provide visitors with an unprecedented communication experience that combines speed and efficiency of service. At the same time, the towers are fully blended with the aesthetic elements of the island, ensuring that guests enjoy an exceptional experience on the white beaches of Ummahat, with its charming turquoise waters and stunning landscapes.

“As we aspire to be leaders in sustainable development and environmental responsibility around the world, we are well aware that achieving this ambitious goal requires working with partners who share our vision, a common ethical and social commitment, as well as a desire for innovation and uniqueness,” said Dr. Ahmed Alsohaily, Group Head of Technology at Red Sea Global.

Project Objectives

The project has five main objectives: provide an ideal 5G service; enhance the island's magnificent visual scene; reduce emissions through the use of 100% clean energy; preserve biodiversity; and enable tower sharing among all licensed telecom operators in KSA. 

The towers are powered by the world's first net zero energy 5G network, recently launched by RSG and Zain KSA and awarded as the “Best Green Technology-Middle East” at the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit. In addition to being 100% solar powered, these towers are designed in a way that allows air circulation to reduce cooling costs, and they do not require high maintenance.

Characterized by their unique design, including the use of innovative materials produced by the French Serge Ferrari Group, the towers blend in with the nature of Ummahat Island, ensuring the preservation of the magnificent vistas, while minimizing the impact on land usage.

Eng. Sultan Abdullah Alhadlag, Marketing and Business Development Executive at Zain KSA, said: “Over the past few years, our approach to strategic partnerships has proven its effectiveness in terms of contributing to supporting the development process of our Kingdom in line with our wise leadership’s aspirations and Saudi Vision 2030’s goals. We have always been keen to promote and localize innovation in order to employ all our technical capabilities and capacities in serving our beloved Kingdom. Since sustainability is at the heart of our strategy, we have always worked to implement responsible practices and investments which ensure that all infrastructure, services and digital solutions are environmentally friendly and conserve our natural resources.” 

“These new towers, which are now operational at Ummahat Island, will be the gateway to a new era of national technological progress towards greater human well-being and the permanence and sustainability of nature," explained Alhadlag.    

RSG and Zain KSA are working together to support KSA's vision through the Saudi Green Initiative to increase the use of clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment. This also aligns with Saudi Vision 2030’s goals of improving the quality of life and protecting future generations, as well as curbing carbon emissions by more than 500,000 tons annually by 2030, and achieving zero emissions by 2060.

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