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Omantel— the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate of Oman— has reiterated its leadership in cloud computing by building the National Cloud, aiming to facilitate Oman’s digital revolution with secure and local data hosting, coupled with cutting-edge cloud services and hyperscaler capabilities.

In a strategic collaboration with Huawei, Omantel is poised to construct the National Cloud, marking a significant stride for the company within the cloud computing domain. With access to cutting-edge technology, global expertise, robust data security measures, and localized data hosting capabilities, Omantel will be able to extend hosting benefits to the entire Sultanate. This encompasses government bodies, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, energy corporations, and SMEs alike. Such provision of essential infrastructure accelerates the pace of digital transformation, thereby bolstering Oman's ambitions in fostering a thriving digital economy.

Commenting on the partnership, Omantel CEO Talal Said Al Mamari said, “We are proud of our strategic partnership with Huawei to launch the National Cloud, which aligns with the requirements of the digital revolution. This project is in line with the strategic objectives of Oman Vision 2040 and is consistent with Oman's direction towards the digital economy.”

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The National Cloud is positioned to revolutionize the landscape by offering customized solutions catering to diverse needs across various sectors, including but not limited to smart cities, smart banking, smart campus, government data solutions, backup and disaster recovery, medical imaging, smart education, and digital human solutions.

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Additionally, Omantel CCO Eng. Aladdin Bait Fadhil stated, "We, at Omantel, continue to strengthen and enhance Omantel's comprehensive ecosystem with the latest cloud technologies. We are confident that the National Cloud will open new doors for our enterprise customers to delve into the future, while benefiting from its quality and security.”

Omantel is at the forefront of integrating state-of-the-art technology into the cloud project, guaranteeing data residency within Oman while adhering to the most stringent industry standards for robust data security. In addition to expediting the National Digital Transformation program, the Oman Cloud Services Project is poised to make a significant contribution to the digital economy, empowering various public and private sector entities to align with the objectives outlined in Oman Vision 2040.

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As the selected partner, Qi Xiao, President, Middle East and Central Asia Cloud Business Huawei expressed, “The history of partnership between Huawei and Omantel goes back to two decades and is manifested in some highly successful projects in Oman. We are pleased to have been selected to support Omantel in the National Cloud— a project of high national importance. Omantel is a trailblazer and leading provider of ICT services in Oman, playing a crucial role in the Sultanate’s digital transformation. Huawei is thrilled to have been a steadfast long-term partner in driving Omantel's ambitious digital roadmap.”

The partnership follows Omantel's successful integration of operations and expertise in communications and digital technology, establishing it as a leading telecommunications company in Oman and beyond.

“The National Cloud will enhance digital transformation by not only locally storing and securing data in a safe environment but also through high performance computing and innovative applications managed and supervised by Omantel to serve the requirements of a transformative economy,” concluded the CEO.

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