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Salam, the fastest-growing and most innovative Saudi telecommunications brand, amplified its impact by signing 31 agreements at the LEAP 2024 event, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to forging an innovative and inclusive future for KSA.

At LEAP, Salam announced new partnerships spanning the entire digital spectrum, from cutting-edge network transformations to groundbreaking e-commerce solutions to big data analytics to AI applications and more.

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Salam's visionary CEO, Ahmed Al-Anqari, noted, "At Salam, we believe that innovation knows no bounds. Our partnerships are the cornerstone of our success, and together, we are helping shape a future where no one is left behind. In line with Vision 2030, the digital transformation of the Saudi government is an integral part of the overall strategy that aims to enable and accelerate societal transformation. Through these agreements, we can drive progress in Saudi Arabia and beyond while staying true to our people-centered vision."

Salam's booth provided an immersive experience, showcasing a future where technology is designed around human needs and business objectives, emphasizing Salam's blueprint for a digitally empowered Kingdom through the lenses of connectivity, cybersecurity, cloud management, and emerging technologies.

LEAP 2024 hosted over 450 startups, more than 1,000 speakers, and over 170,000 exhibitors from across the globe. The event, known as the ‘Digital Davos,’ took place from March 4-7, 2024, at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center.

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