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Vodafone Oman has celebrated its second year of operations in the Sultanate with remarkable achievements, securing nearly 10% of the market share.

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Building upon its successful inaugural year, the telecommunications leader prioritized the expansion of its cutting-edge 5G Next Level network. Doubling its infrastructure to 1,500 sites, it significantly enhanced 5G population coverage by 120%. This strategic focus, coupled with a 42% surge in its customer base, yielded an impressive 174% revenue growth.

Along with its market share gains, Vodafone Oman witnessed a notable uptick in its prepaid segment, closing at approximately 11% in 2023. Moreover, the company reported a milestone of 4 million app downloads, while augmenting its sales channels to over 4,000 and expanding its international roaming footprint by 66%.

The commitment to delivering superior value was further underscored by Vodafone Oman's consecutive leadership in Net Promoter Score rankings for the second year running. Vodafone Oman is also demonstrating notable success in integrating AI and ML, showing effective automation in numerous aspects of its network monitoring and cybersecurity protocols.

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During the company’s annual performance update, Bader Al Zidi, Vodafone Oman CEO, said, “We are extremely proud of the tremendous growth achieved in our journey as the Sultanate’s first fully digital green-field telecom operator. Our vision remains unchanged: to digitalize the Omani way of life in a way that empowers individuals and communities to reach their full potential, all the while safeguarding the heritage, culture and the very essence of the Omani character.”

Throughout 2023, Vodafone Oman's journey was marked by remarkable tales of innovation, creativity, and advancement. Notably, the company emerged as a pioneer globally by introducing postpaid packages that enable seamless digital onboarding, facilitated by eSIM activation in under two minutes through the My Vodafone App. Furthermore, Vodafone Oman distinguished itself as the sole telecommunications provider in the Sultanate to offer 5G services at Muscat International Airport, showcasing its commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction.

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Al Zidi went on to add, “Steadfast on delivering our promise for Oman, we continued to evolve as a leading tech-telco, confidently achieving our objectives, overcoming challenges, and receiving wholehearted support from our partners, communities and customers. Our achievements were recognized locally, regionally and globally as we received over 17 awards and accolades. Most notable were our recent recognitions with Opensignal, where we dominated the Mobile Network Experience Report, claiming 11 of the 14 categories.”

Socio-Economic Agenda

Focusing on two aspects, Vodafone Oman is fostering a new-generation of Vodafone leaders through its unique International Talent Program. More than 20 employees have traveled across Vodafone markets to gain firsthand knowledge from leaders in the field.

Additionally, Vodafone’s efforts were directed to building its local partner capabilities and identifying new opportunities of growth together, leading to an in-country value amounting to OMR 66 million in 2023. These include large-scale partnerships and short-term projects and contracts awarded to local businesses and SMEs. Bolstering its trajectory, the company secured USD 300 million in long-term financing from esteemed institutions, catalyzing its ambitious plans for the 5G Next Level network rollout and propelling its growth and innovation agenda forward.

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As Vodafone embarks on its third year of operations in Oman, the company is committed to enhancing its core services while extending the reach of its 5G Next Level network to encompass over 90% of the population. It aims to cater and adapt to evolving customer demographics, lifestyles, and requirements to foster continued growth in its customer base while ensuring greater accessibility and connectivity for all.

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