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In a market first for the UAE, Virgin Mobile UAE has integrated the UAE PASS into their app-based eSIM onboarding journey, eliminating the need for customers to visit to a physical store or order a physical SIM for delivery.

This digital-first approach offers a more convenient and sustainable way for residents in the UAE to stay connected directly from the Virgin Mobile UAE App. This initiative positions Virgin Mobile UAE as the market's pioneering mobile brand, offering users a fully digital connection experience through its app. This enhances the customer journey by simplifying processes, speeding up transactions, and prioritizing user convenience and environmental sustainability. Notably, it eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and reduces reliance on physical touchpoints.

Customers that want to onboard to the Virgin Mobile UAE service simply have to:

  • Download the Virgin Mobile App
  • Choose their number and preferred plan
  • Verify their identity in the App with UAE PASS
  • Get their Virgin Mobile UAE eSIM installed immediately in the App

This feature bolsters Virgin Mobile UAE's comprehensive digital ecosystem, enabling customers to subscribe to services solely through their app.

Rob Beswick, Virgin Mobile UAE’s Managing Director commented, “It has always been our ambition to fully digitalize our customer’s connectivity journey. By enabling UAE Pass verification on our app, customers can now download the app, choose their plan, verify their identity and download an eSIM in minutes. I am delighted that we are able to further enhance the customer experience and make life even easier for our customers. This new feature simplifies the user journey and, equally important, allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The UAE PASS is a secure national digital identity for citizens and residents of the UAE. The app enables all registered residents to access more than 12,000 government, semi-government and private sector entities’ services through their respective websites and apps and allows them to digitally sign documents. The UAE PASS also empowers users to request digital versions of official documents issued in their name, which they can then utilize to request services from a reliable network of service providers.

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