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Modern, unified charging, billing and CRM solution will provide Iraqi customers with ease of access to new and existing mobile services, and also a faster time to market product launch by Zain Iraq.

Zain group and Huawei have announced the launch of the first fully convergent billing system in Iraq. In Iraq, the former operates in a highly competitive and challenging telecom environment, which means focusing on the needs of the customer, as well as providing superior service quality, is key. Customers demand choices in price plans, as well as payment options such as prepaid or postpaid, and the ability to choose a product based on their lifestyle. In addition to that, customers are also keen to have various options open to them, with respect to how they combine and share their data and voice offerings with their family, friends or at work.

Zain Iraq successfully commissioned and installed a state-of-the-art converged billing and charging platform, thus replacing legacy infrastructure with a modern, unified charging, billing and CRM solution. This system is capable of effectively handling all services and types of customers, bringing fluidity to services, voice and data included, in addition tobilling options, and customer segment offerings. The time-to-market-from concept spanning till product launch has also been dramatically reduced.

Commenting on the introduction thereof, Dr Haidar Radi, Zain Iraq Chief Operating Officer said, ""Zain listened and responded to the requirements of its customer base by delivering a cutting edge convergent billing solution in partnership with Huawei. Today's launch marks a milestone in the telecom industry in Iraq, as Zain's customers now have the freedom to handle and receive their mobile services in a multitude of different ways.""

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