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Huawei honor and Twitter are partnering to provide built-in fast access to the Twitter app, which will be pre-loaded on honor 8.

The new flagship honor 8 has been pre-programmed to open Twitter, which comes as a preloaded app in a fraction of a second via its custom smart key - a function exclusive to the Middle East.

Users can access the social media app by double clicking the smart key, which has been incorporated into its 3D fingerprint sensor for slick functionality. It has a 0.4 second unlock capability, auto learning skill set and can be customized with up to three easy access options. The fingerprint sensor also offers NFC tag read and writer, P2P transfer and SIM / HCE-based mobile payment, providing a greater accessibility to mobile internet.

Honor strategically balances innovative features and high-performance, with a fresh design and an attractive price point. The honor 8 embodies this approach with its cutting edge, smart technology, as well as phenomenal aesthetical appeal, boasting a stunning glass exterior priced at AED 1599.

The 3D grate design has been created with a resilient two-sided 2.5D, 15-layer glass body, which reflects light producing an aurora effect with intricate patterns, meaning no two phones appear the same. The world-class camera features and intuitive software - a 12 MP dual camera with RGB and monochrome sensors, as well as its 8MP wide-angle front-facing camera - offers seriously impressive functionality.

Its 3,000 mAh battery with Smart Power 4.0 maximizes stand-by time allowing the honor 8 to keep going for up to 1.22 days of heavy usage. Just ten minutes of charging will allow two hours call time, and 30 minutes will re-charge the device to 47%. The honor 8 also boasts 8-core CPU up to 2.3 GHZ, 4GB RAM, Kirin 950, i5 CO processor and Rapid-Smart file processing system.

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