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Global government and technology experts set to speak at GITEX Technology Week have praised Dubai for developing new smart city benchmarks.

Smart Cities use technology to analyze data sent from sensors over Wi-Fi networks to enhance daily lives and governance. Prominent use cases include solving challenges such as traffic congestion and utilities distribution, and launching mobile government services.

As the world urbanizes, the Internet of Things' impact on Smart Cities could reach USD 1.6 trillion by 2025, including USD 800 billion in transportation and USD 700 billion in healthcare, according to a recent report by the research firm McKinsey Global Institute.

Since its launch in 2014, with a mandate to make Dubai the happiest city on earth, enabled by smart technology, Smart Dubai has completed the first phase of its city transformation.

Other significant milestones in the past year include: completing phase one as the first pilot city for the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union global Smart City index, and announcing the Smart Dubai Platform, the "digital backbone" of the city.

At GITEX Intelligent Cities, government leaders and technology companies will have an opportunity to see, hear, and experience the next wave of innovative, integrated technologies that are already helping cities around the world become more connected.

Key speakers include Dr Phyllis Schneck, deputy under secretary for Cybersecurity National Protection and Programs Directorate at the US Department of Homeland Security, on "Keeping Smart Cities Smart" on preventing cyber-attacks, Keith Kaplan, CEO of the Tesla Foundation, on "Tesla's Autonomous Car Vision", and Stephen Hilton, director of Bristol Futures in the UK on "Roadmap to World's First Open, Programmable, and Green City."

This year, the Smart Dubai Office is bringing a first-of-its-kind city experience to GITEX. By bringing together partners from public and private sectors, Smart Dubai is offering visitors a true smart city experience. All participating entities will be showcasing smart services and solutions that are making Dubai a more efficient, seamless, safe and impactful experience today, contributing to Smart Dubai's citywide vision to become the happiest city on earth, powered by smart technology.

Many leading smart city technology vendors will showcase the latest solutions at GITEX. Gemalto will showcase its eDriver Licence, Virtual Reality, On Demand Connectivity and Smart Watches for governments to connect, secure and monetize the Internet of Things. LG will demonstrate the SmarThinQ Hub connected home with smart sensors and appliances.

Technology vendors and startups are eager to leverage augmented reality, drones, robotics and 3D printing to optimize Smart City goals and deployments. Demonstrating the growing opportunity, Dubai recently opened the world's first 3D-printed building, and the Dubai Future Agenda aims for 25 percent of Dubai's construction to be 3D-printed by 2030.

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