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Nokia has expanded its portfolio of G.fast micro-nodes to help operators accelerate ultra-broadband deployments and deliver faster data speeds to end-customers using existing copper networks. The G.fast micro-nodes provide a simple, flexible plug-and-play solution that can scale in line with demand, allow for both distribution point and cabinet deployment models and cut roll-out times in half.

Service providers are increasingly turning to technologies like G.fast, which uses existing copper networks to deliver fiber-like speeds to customer over short distances, to meet growing demand for gigabit services. However, to achieve these speeds, G.fast technology typically requires the deployment of micro-nodes to be installed close to end-users. This can be challenging for operators to deploy, configure and manage at scale.

To help operators scale and accelerate G.fast deployments, Nokia is strengthening its portfolio of micro-node solutions to help:
* Deploy more G.fast - Nokia's industry-leading transmission and vectoring technology allows operators to deliver G.fast over longer distances and to more users from a single node. As a result, G.fast can now be used from cabinet, pole, manhole or in-building locations, providing a range of cost-effective deployment models.
* Deploy G.fast quicker - Zero-touch provisioning allows operators to quickly power up and auto-configure each node and avoid local software loading and local provisioning. This provides a "connect-and-go" option which reduces time of deployment by 50 percent.
* Deploy G.fast better - Accessibility and serviceability of G.fast micro-nodes is improved with SDN/NFV and NETCONF/YANG capabilities. Nodes are pre-provisioned from the cloud and seamlessly deployed in the network. This helps operators to efficiently scale and manage the network from any location.

Nokia's expanding G.fast solution encompasses a number of products that help eliminate the complexity associated with massive scale deployments. Supporting a number of deployment scenarios, the portfolio includes unique micro-nodes that provide a wide range of capacity options for FTTdp and FTTN deployments. New in the expanded Nokia micro-node solution:
* Nokia 7368 ISAM SX-8F - Eight port, sealed G.fast micro-node, designed for easy operations to enter buildings in FTTB/MDU deployments.
* Nokia 7368 ISAM MX-6 - New G.fast line card for Nokia's high density modular micro-node, allowing operators like BT Openreach to deploy G.fast from cabinet locations.
* Nokia Access Controller - Cloud-based controller automates and simplifies deployment, maintenance and evolution of the access network in a traditional, SDN, or hybrid management environment.

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