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In its continuous commitment to creating a synergetic ICT architecture of devices, pipes and cloud, Huawei is empowering an open cloud ecosystem reaching the Broader Way Forum, Cairo ICT 2016.

The forum took place on November 30, 2016, in Egypt where the President of Huawei Technologies Northern Africa, Mr. Peng Song gave a welcoming speech in the presence of highly esteemed personalities, such as: Mr. Yaser El Kadi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt; Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities and Dr. Hamadun Turi, Executive Director of Smart Africa.

The theme of the forum is "Empowering Digital Transformation". President of Huawei Northern Africa, Mr. Peng Song re-elaborated Huawei's ICT strategy in the forum: how to realize the future intelligent society through all cloud concept and ICT technology, how to collaborate each enterprise member to build up an open cloud ecosystem, and how to be a responsible ICT leader.

President of Huawei Northern Africa, Mr. Peng Song pointed out:

First, Cloud-enabled ICT will be the cornerstone in the Intelligent World

As Huawei, we regard the national ICT development will be cloud-enabled. The Cloud-enabled ICT will be the cornerstone of the smart intelligent world. In our philosophy, the intelligent world has three defining characteristics: All things will have the ability to sense, all things will be connected, and all things will be intelligent. These three defining characteristics depends entirely on advanced ICT. Huawei is committed to creating a synergetic ICT architecture of devices, pipes and cloud, and ultimately empowering an intelligent world.

Second, shaping an open cloud ecosystem is shared agenda by all enterprises

Then, what are the roles for the enterprises playing in the cloud era? In the Cloud era, we regard each enterprise has its own patch of forest. Today, I would like to share my thoughts on how we can link up these forest into an open ecosystem. I would also like to explore Huawei's positioning and responsibility as a member of this ecosystem.

Like other major technological revolutions in human history, the cloud's impact on society has already extended far beyond technology alone. The cloud has affected business models and the way people think.

In the Cloud 1.0 era, the pioneering companies leverage ICT technology to more effectively shared resources. In the next 10 years, which we suppose will be the Cloud 2.0, we will see the rise of countless industry clouds. It is estimated by the year 2025, all enterprises will employ cloud technology and cloud models, and 85% of enterprise applications will be deployed on the cloud.
In this greater context, proceeding alone is no longer a suitable option; it's nearly impossible for one single company to establish a whole set of systems on its own. To succeed in the long run, enterprises have to become more open and flexible, they need to develop a combination of future-proof advantages, what we regard as "competitive advantages and ecological advantage".

Third, Being Open and collaborative for a shared success ecosystem

The ecosystem that we aim to build is an ecosystem that is open and prosperous. Every enterprise, big or small, can become part of community of common interests, as long as it has its own unique value and makes its own unique contribution.

For Huawei, making a bigger pie, growing the industry, and enlarging the market, these are more important than fighting for a larger share. In this ecosystem, we aren't set on owning every single resource. Instead, we intend to make a bigger pie for everyone, we will only set our sights on 1% of a huge digital transformation pie, our partners can have the rest. For Huawei, it is not a tough decision to make. In fact, our founder Mr. Ren has been doing so in our employee stock ownership plan over the past 20 years.

Huawei has been engaged in Egypt market localization for more than 15 years; to empower a better digital Egypt, we hope to bring all manner of talent, capabilities, and resources together, then shape a dynamic ecosystem and promote social progress.

Our goal is to establish more lasting connections with the outside world, leverage external resources to support us in our business efforts fostering an ecosystem that will benefit everyone in the future. We regard it as our responsibility and also our mission!

During the Broadway Forum, Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mr. Yasser El Kadi said in the keynote speech: "The Egyptian government is through the implementation of a series of strategic plans to accelerate the process of digital transformation, to create a booming ecosystem beneficial for ICT industry development. Huawei plays an important role in the construction of digital society as an enabler of digital transformation. "

Executive Director of Smart Africa, the former ITU Executive Secretary, Dr. Hamadoun Toure said in his speech: "Digital transformation for social and economic development, as well as national competitiveness is essential. ICT technology can enhance the productivity of core economic fields, including the agriculture, trade and service industries. Digital transformation requires a strong coalition of government, private industry, citizens and society."

The Director of the Institute of Industrial and Planning Research at the China Information and Communication Research Institute, Mr. Hu Jianbo noted at the Forum: "Information infrastructures are the foundation for digital transformation, and regulatory policies such as national broadband strategies and financial support are the key enabler in the building of information infrastructure."

It is a long journey to shape an open, collaborative, and shared-success cloud ecosystem. Now in Egypt, we are on the journey!

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