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Elm Company, a pioneer in business, learning, training, and digital solutions, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government at the College headquarters in Dubai. The MoU was regarding the joint cooperation in the areas of training, education, leaders’ preparation, scientific research, and documenting and publishing the best governmental practices.

The memorandum was signed by the vice president of training solutions in Elm, Dr. Nasir bin Zaid Almashary, and the CEO of Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, Dr. Ali Sebaa Al Marri. The memorandum focuses on the areas of specialized training, research and studies, public events, exchange of experiences, and consultation and evaluation services.

Dr. Almashary expressed his happiness over the partnership with Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, which he considered as one of the leading academic research institutions in the Arabic world that is specialized in government administration and public policy. He also thanked the College's officials, especially Dr. Ali Al Marri, for their high sense of professionalism, wishing success to both parties in the forthcoming cooperation.

In addition, Dr. Almashary stressed that this step comes within the framework of Elm's approach towards new markets in order to share its unique expertise in the fields of learning and quality training, as well as other services from business solutions, government support, and digital products that are provided by Elm to serve its clients in a manner that complies with the needs of their societies.

Dr. Almashary also stated that this memorandum is an investment of value added to both parties. Through the memorandum, Elm will seek to support the objectives of the College in promoting the process of government excellence, in the UAE in particular and the Arab world in general, and in building future leaders through the excellent capabilities of Elm in provisioning E-learning and training, in addition to secure electronic services, government-private sector connectivity services, and the development and delivery of e-services to many public and private sectors.

As for the CEO of the College, Dr. Ali Al Marri, he stated: "The MoU with Elm is an enlightening start in the context of enhancing scientific research, training, and education efforts in the region, especially in the areas of upgrading the administrative framework for government work, governance, and in creating an appropriate climate for the exchange of the rich knowledge of both sides and applying the best international practices. All of this will be done in a manner that ensures the provision of human cadres specialized in public administration and capable of assuming leadership positions.”

Nadia Amanallah Kamali, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, said: "The partnership with Elm reflects the efforts of the two parties to consolidate the modern concept of management based on smart business solutions and digital services. We are glad that Elm, a pioneer company in this field, has joined us as a strategic partner of the College, to move forward with the design and implementation of special education and training programs. We also look forward to the development of new integrated programs, in collaboration with the experts and specialists at Elm, to keep abreast of the digital transformation process and the current and future prospects of the labor market."

Elm is considered a leading provider of innovative digital solutions, training and consulting solutions, and digital products. Furthermore, Elm possesses advanced expertise in the fields of process re-engineering and administrative support & outsourcing, and they all comply with the professional standards that meet the expectations of customers and that are supervised by highly skilled and professional national competencies. All of this contributed to making Elm trustworthy by several prominent government and private institutions in the Middle East, and that is due to its qualitative achievements, which culminated in the recognition of numerous prestigious international organizations.

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