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Ericsson has joined forces with Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) and Swedish battery producer NorthStar to form the Ericsson Energy Alliance, a unique complementary site solution partnership to drive cost-effective and sustainable service provider network evolution towards 5G, within the Ericsson Radio Site System. More companies are also expected to join the alliance this year.

"Network evolution begins at the site. This is a true complementary partnership. The alliance members are combining the best of their radio site technology, skills, and abilities to bring a broadened, more flexible, and competitive portfolio to the table to help service providers in their 5G evolution through the Ericsson Radio System," said Nishant Batra, Head of Product Area Network Infrastructure, Ericsson.

The alliance brings Vertiv’s global expertise in power, thermal and infrastructure site management solutions, and Sweden-based NorthStar’s leadership in battery and energy storage solutions, into the Ericsson Radio Site System to establish a competitive ecosystem and management interface and increase the market share of the Enclosure and Power parts of the system portfolio.

"This Alliance reflects our relentless focus on R&D as a key to addressing the numerous challenges of this fast-paced digital world," said Giordano Albertazzi, president for Vertiv in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. "The partnership with Ericsson allows our companies to join forces and achieve long-term, profitable growth by becoming even more incisive and competitive in the market."

Building on the combined global supply and service delivery footprints, speed and flexibility, unique product competence, local sales support, and easy access to engineering strengths of the partners, the alliance increases competitiveness and cost efficiency through the broadened portfolio and more access to new technology.

Alliance partners are also combining strengths in regional sales support. They have also established a harmonized ecosystem for energy supply and storage. Sustainability benefits include equipment to reduce energy consumption; the use of renewable and hybrid energy resources; efficient operations to reduce carbon footprint; and remote energy management and hybrid site solutions, including solar cell panels.

Energy and climate systems are also optimized to use the minimum required energy to provide an electronic trusted environment for Ericsson Radio System products, delivering environmental as well as cost-efficiency benefits for service providers. Future joint-development of products is being considered.

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