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The Arab ICT Organization is pleased to announce the membership of Huawei among its associate members. The official signature of the adhesion was celebrated on the occasion of the 14th edition of AICTO General Assembly held in Tunis, on the 12th of April 2018.

Huawei's membership will certainly boost AICTO's efforts in promoting the uses of ICT in the Arab region. Huawei, as one of the main ICT players in the world, will therefore play the role of a strategic partner, in order to jointly initiate and to implement strategic regional projects and initiatives.

This important membership will surely enable both parties to work closely across the region to set up joint studies and initiatives to build local capacities and to share and disseminate best practices.

Eng. Mohamed Ben Amor, Secretary General of AICTO said "Huawei adhesion will help certainly AICTO to achieve its strategic vision toward a harmonious Arab digital society based on innovation and technological innovation that supports Arab-regional integration and contributes effectively to the growth of the sustainable global digital economy"

On the other hand, "Huawei is committed to bringing digital to every people, every home and every organization for a fully connected and intelligent world", said Xue Man, Huawei Global Vice President for public affairs. "We plan to invest 15 to 20 billion US dollars in research and innovation each year to make key technological breakthroughs. We also plan to invest 10 to 20 billion US dollars to improve our marketing, sales, and service system, in order to better serve our customers and build a positive industry ecosystem," he emphasized.

His Excellency President of Republic of Tunisia has received the VIP guests of AICTO delegation. During the meeting, he stressed the importance of the ICT sector as enabler for socio-economic development and recognized that the Arab countries, including Tunisia, need to reduce the gap that they have compared to developed countries.

His Excellency thanked the People's Republic of China and its companies like Huawei for its cooperation programs and the role played in the Arab region through a win-win approach to reduce the gap and insure a harmonized development in the world between developed and developing countries. The President also highlighted the good relationship that prevails between Tunisia and China and the good achievements that are undergoing between the two countries.

In the end, The President Of The Republic of Tunisia said that AICTO has an important role to play in the region to facilitate and coordinate the technology adoption in the Arab Region that's why Tunisia is committed to supporting this Organization to fully play its role and recommended to all its members, public and private, to support this organization for the benefit of the development of ICT sector in the region.

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