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Four major topics will be at the heart of Huawei’s presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress: 5G, Artificial intelligence, innovation and digital platform.

At the event, Huawei will share its latest strategies, and explain more how 5G makes digital platforms and services more efficient, and the digital transformation of operator business operations faster. In addition to focusing on emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT and Cloud, Huawei will also showcase its new ICT products and solutions to carriers and partners to promote openness, collaboration, and shared success.

Moreover, Chinese telecommunications vendor Huawei has announced that it will unveil its foldable smartphone that will be powered by a 5G modem at Mobile World Congress. The name ‘Huawei Mate Flex’ has been thrown around but there’s no confirmation that this is what the phone will be named. Huawei has previously trademarked the model names Mate Flex, Mate F, Mate Fold and Mate Flexi.

The recent innovations by Huawei reaffirm the belief held by many within the industry that the Chinese vendor is looking to develop its own chip technology, which is an area of the ICT ecosystem where its US rivals are the global leaders.

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