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Ericsson organized a live 5G demonstration at Maroc Telecom headquarters in Rabat, Morocco which showcased the capabilities of the next-generation mobile technology. 

The demonstration showcased several 5G use cases using standalone end-to-end 5G systems from Ericsson, including a prototype radio, baseband, and prototype UE device. The demo delivered 5G throughput, achieving speeds up to 25.8 GBPs, which is the highest speed reached in Africa to date.

5G will deliver higher data speeds and lower latency, which will enhance user experience for Maroc Telecom customers. 5G is also one of the primary enablers for new and emerging use cases in industries such as agriculture, education, manufacturing and robotics and critical machine-to-machine communication in healthcare.

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, November 2018 edition, 5G is expected to reach more than 40 percent global population coverage and 1.5 billion subscriptions for enhanced mobile broadband by the end of 2024. In the Middle East and North Africa, commercial 5G deployments will commence in 2019 with significant volumes expected in 2021.

Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: “We are exploring the potential of 5G together with our longstanding partner Maroc Telecom. This will enable us to jointly develop 5G technologies based on their business needs to improve their consumer business and address new opportunities in other industries. Today’s successful 5G demo is part of our ongoing collaboration aims to make 5G a reality in Morocco.”

Ericsson's 5G platform allows service providers to evolve their networks to 5G at a pace that matches their business strategy. This helps ensure a smooth transition as operators continue to strengthen current 4G networks, reducing risk and optimizing the use of existing infrastructure.

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