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Huawei announced today that it has earned NSS Labs' highly coveted "Recommended" rating in the latest Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) group test. In this year’s test, 12 products from industry-leading vendors were tested.

Only the top technical products earned a “Recommended” rating from NSS Labs. Achieving this rating validates Huawei's firewalls deliver high security effectiveness at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

NSS Labs is recognized globally as the most trusted source for independent, fact-based cybersecurity guidance. NSS Labs' NGFW group test comprehensively measures and compares security effectiveness, performance, stability and reliability, and TCO among NGFWs from a variety of security vendors. In this year's NGFW group test, NSS Labs used its state-of-the-art attacks and evasions to evaluate the capability of products to defend against the latest threats on the live networks.

The Huawei USG6620E NGFW demonstrated a 99.36% live exploit block rate with 94.2% overall security effectiveness as well as comprehensive "SSL/TLS functionality", passing 100% of the interoperability tests.  Huawei's NGFW stood out with outstanding cost-performance, having a low Total Cost of Ownership.

The NGFW is the first line of defense against today’s threats and is also a critical component of any defense-in-depth strategy. The NGFW market is one of the largest and most mature markets in the cybersecurity industry. IDC Forecast Report estimate that [1], the NGFW market is estimated to grow from US$15.8 billion in 2018 to US$23.8 billion by 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.52%[2].

“In the NSS Labs 2019 NGFW Group test, the Huawei HiSecEngine USG6000E NGFW demonstrated strong protection at a low total cost of ownership.  We commend Huawei for achieving a ‘Recommended’ rating for the HiSecEngine USG6000E NGFW,” said Vikram Phatak, Founder of NSS Labs. “As an NSS Labs ‘Recommended’ product, the HiSecEngine USG6000E NGFW should be considered by companies looking to deploy an NGFW.” 

Huawei HiSecEngine USG series NGFWs are Huawei's core security engine products that provide comprehensive, efficient, and integrated security for cloud service providers, large data centers, midsize and large enterprises, and chain organizations. In addition to basic NGFW capabilities, Huawei HiSecEngine USG series NGFWs can interwork with other security devices to proactively defend against network threats, enhance border detection capabilities, and effectively defend against advanced threats. Denzel Song, President of Huawei Security Product Domain said, "Earning the 'Recommended' rating from NSS Labs proves that Huawei's NGFW is among best products in the industry. Strictly evaluated by the independent third party, Huawei NGFW products instill confidence. This is the result of more than ten years of unremitting effort by Huawei in the security field. We will continue our efforts to bring better products and greater benefits to our customers."

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