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Huawei has recently unveiled several all-new products and initiatives ideally suited to help enterprises step into the fully digital era, covering areas like storage systems, Wi-Fi 6, artificial intelligence (AI) and data center performance.

This includes the launch of four star products for the enterprise market: the OptiXtrans DC908, SmartLi UPS, the next generation of OceanStor Dorado, and the AirEngine Wi-Fi 6.

These products have been widely recognized and recommended by third-party organizations and customers for their superb performance, ultra-large capacity, ultra-high speed, and ultra-long service life to meet the needs of customers with unique innovations.

OptiXtrans DC908
It features an ultra large capacity of 800 Gbit/s per wavelength supporting flexible configuration between 100G and 800G, and future-proof Super C+L technology to achieve 220 wavelengths.

This cutting-edge product helps enterprise customers easily cope with the challenges of massive data flows in the cloud era, continuously reduce the cost per bit, maximize the value of optical fibers, and improve customer’s return on investment.

This solution uses the industry's secure battery cells. The UPS, the battery array, and the battery pack form a three-layer management system to eliminate perceived blind spots. SmartLi has a unique built-in current balancing control module to achieve battery module-level fault tolerance design and eliminate single points of failure.

OceanStor Dorado
Huawei's next-generation intelligent all-flash storage, as an end-to-end ultra-high-speed platform, achieves industry-leading 20 million IOPS and 0.1ms latency.

The fully interconnected and high-reliability SmartMatrix architecture allows a single system to tolerate the failure of up to seven controllers (out of eight), ensuring the continuity of core enterprise services.

The AI-based deep learning improves the read cache hit ratio by 50%, and the cloud-based AI enables full-lifecycle intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M), making storage system maintenance easier than ever.

AirEngine Wi-Fi 6
Powered by Huawei 5G, this solution is the industry's first Wi-Fi with a peak rate exceeding 100Gbps. Huawei has launched three series of this product: AirEngine 8700, AirEngine 6700, and AirEngine 5700, covering an extensive range of indoor and outdoor application scenarios.

The revolutionary product can significantly improve network experience in various scenarios, such as high-density access (e.g. offices, conference rooms, stadiums, terminal buildings, and train stations), HD video applications (e.g. VR/AR teaching and 4K/8K videoconferencing), campus mobile production (e.g. AGV robots), IoT+Wi-Fi converged access (e.g. shopping malls, supermarkets, and smart campuses), and outdoor public network services (e.g. town squares and streets).

In the field of AI, Huawei seperately launched another edition of its Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Innovation Bootcamp. Being held in Singapore, the initiative provides participating students with a robust platform to enhance their AI and IoT knowledge, acquire application skills, and drive propensity for innovation.

Serving as a key step in bridging talent from around the world, Huawei’s AIoT Innovation Bootcamp is one of Huawei’s continued efforts in fostering collaborations with higher learning institutions and empowering the growth of AI & IoT talents.

In the field of data center management, one of Huawei’s flagship solutions—the Huawei OptiXtrans DC908—has also just been recognized by GlobalData as a leader in architecture, performance, modularity, line interfaces, and network management. Though a first-time candidate, Huawei’s solution managed to outperform mainstream vendors.

The Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 features leading platform capacity and density, as well as support for electrical and optical modules in the same box, making it applicable for a wide range of use cases.

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