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At the Huawei Cloud Summit Middle East 2020 held online today, Huawei executives shed light on the company’s CLOUD strategy, the value of data released in the digital economy, and its role in contributing to the region’s ongoing digitization efforts. The virtual summit was attended by customers, partners, industry experts, and thought leaders from across the Middle East region.

The event opened with a keynote speech titled, “Harnessing the Power of Cloud & AI, Enable Middle East to be the Leader of Digital World” by Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East region where he spoke about the unprecedented opportunities the digital world brings to the Middle East. As the only end-to-end ICT industry leader, Huawei will use the integrated digital infrastructure of cloud, AI, and 5G to build an intelligent foundation for the region.

During the summit, Jacqueline Shi, President of International Business and Marketing of Huawei Cloud & AI Business Group, said that cloud is the key ICT infrastructure for intelligent transformation of governments and enterprises. HUAWEI CLOUD is the world’s fastest growing ultra-hyper scale public cloud, with services in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Russia. Today, HUAWEI CLOUD collaborates with more than 23,000 partners around the world. With Huawei's deep understanding and long-term investment in the local market, as well as global vision and expertise, HUAWEI CLOUD will provide innovative cloud services that will meet the needs of governments and enterprises in the Middle East region.

Li Shi, President of Cloud & AI Business Group in the Middle East region, also emphasized that data is the most important information asset in the intelligent era. The rapidly growing data needs to be processed with more powerful and diversified computing power to implement intelligent service upgrades.

Based on Huawei's 30 years of experience and capabilities in the ICT field, HUAWEI CLOUD leverages full-stack innovation capabilities that combine software and hardware and cloud-connectivity collaboration to meet data storage and computing process requirements in various service scenarios. HUAWEI CLOUD can also conduct joint exploration and AI practices with customers and partners in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare, helping customers implement intelligent upgrades of services and management.

At the summit, Huawei also released an oasis plan for building an ecosystem for smart government and enterprise transformation in the Middle East region. HUAWEI CLOUD will invest 14.5 million USD in the next three years to cultivate more than 1,000 consulting partners and 500 technical partners. Additionally, HUAWEI CLOUD will collaborate with more than 10 universities and help more than 3,000 technical experts to complete HCIx certification.

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