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Nokia announced the launch of the Nokia Smart Node, a unique indoor mobile module solution delivering high-quality 4G and 5G indoor mobile coverage for residential and small-medium enterprise use.

Available from Q4 2021, the compact, ‘plug and play’ modular design can be deployed readily in any environment to support evolving consumer applications. It is easy to set up — wall, ceiling, or desktop —  which keeps installation costs to a minimum. Moreover,  it is future-proofed to support 4G now and 5G networks when required and both non-stand-alone (NSA) and stand-alone (SA) 5G applications.

Stylish, durable, and smart, Nokia Smart Node is a dedicated indoor mobile solution with superior coverage and capacity and can be easily scaled from single to multiple units to meet total indoor coverage requirements. Its high-quality coverage, latency, and reliability deliver ubiquitous 5G connectivity for specific use cases such as immersive entertainment.

Nokia Smart Node supports traffic management by reducing core network load and optimizing macro resource allocation. It delivers uncongested high throughput network performance with existing secure authentication and provides a secure connection and SIM-based authentication to assure the quality required in mobile networks.

Kyung Mun, principal analyst at Mobile Experts, said: “Nokia’s SmartNode femtocells are a great addition to an operators’ “toolbox” as they extend 5G services indoors for residential/SOHO settings. Its modular design allows an operator to add 4G/5G coverage and capacity where needed. Consumers expect ubiquitous coverage and the SmartNode femtocells are a highly effective solution for completing 5G coverage in homes and small offices.”

Giuseppe Targia, VP Mobile Networks Transport Business Unit at Nokia, said: “These new additions to our femtocell range enhance our award-winning and industry-leading small cells portfolio which covers all use cases for both indoor and outdoor use. These compact and stylish units make it easy to benefit from superior indoor coverage and capacity particularly for home or small business use.”

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