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HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace has partnered with a DDoS mitigation and continuous availability service provider to offer superior DDoS attacks mitigation service for a wide range of customers within the Huawei ecosystem.

To address security concerns such as phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, malware infections, and ransomware, in July 2021, the Middle East team of HUAWEI CLOUD worked with Qrator Labs to onboard the Qrator DDoS Protection service onto the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace. Huawei CLOUD has prioritized heavy investment, technological competency, regulatory compliance, and ecosystem growth in cyber and cloud security.

Commenting on the development, Omar Akar, vice president and managing director of Cloud BU at Huawei Middle East said, “Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, a cyber pandemic gripped our digital world, with cyber breaches and cyber-attacks being carried out against organizations, government, and individuals. As a leading global ICT provider, Huawei adopts an open, transparent, and collaborative approach to cybersecurity, and we’re pleased to work with industry leaders like Qrator Labs to ensure all HUAWEI CLOUD customers continue to maintain strong cybersecurity postures.”

Meanwhile, Alexander Lyamin, CEO at Qrator Labs, said, "HUAWEI CLOUD is a leading global cloud provider, and we've witnessed first-hand how it has successfully penetrated the Middle East market. We firmly believe that working together brings better results overall. We're proud to be included in the HUAWEI CLOUD Marketplace."

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