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Nokia announced a new professional level 5G course and certification aimed at network security. The Nokia Bell Labs 5G Secured Networks course is part of Nokia’s program to train and certify industry professionals on 5G technology, from network access to application management.

The newly launched Nokia Bell Labs 5G Secured Networks course addresses the vulnerabilities faced by all industries, governments, and individuals to secure 5G systems. Given that 5G is becoming a key element of emerging mission-critical Industry 4.0 solutions, securing 5G networks has moved to the forefront as an industry imperative, for which comprehensive end-to-end solutions are needed.

Geert Van Wauwe, chief security officer at Nokia, said, “5G will empower new services and applications beyond our imagination. However, user acceptance will be based on trust that information has not been breached and services cannot be compromised. Therefore, the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Secured Networks course and certification are essential for educating professionals to a high level of understanding on how to build and operate secure 5G networks.”

The 8-hour web-based course, which can be completed at the learner’s own pace, covers the processes, tools, technologies, and resources needed to implement an effective program that proactively prevents and resolves threats to network security. Course participants will examine the role of 5G security in network, software, and cloud environments, and they will apply an understanding of security threats, protections, and potential responses through a series of real-world case study exercises.

Sergio Fasce, head of people services at Nokia, said, “With security breaches dominating news headlines at an alarming rate, the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Secured Networks Certification Program brings a greater awareness to network susceptibility and safeguards, along with the means to address them. We are pleased to have partnered with our colleagues at Nokia Bell Labs to deliver a training program addressing arguably the most timely and impactful issue facing the communications industry today.”

This course is the fourth of the Nokia Bell Labs 5G Professional Level Certification Program, and nearly 30,000 individuals across many industries have registered for 5G certification courses since its February 2020 launch.

As a leader in cellular technology R&D and standardization, Nokia is in a unique position to address network security challenges in the 5G world. It implemented more than 500 security projects worldwide over the past 15 years and plays an active role in more than five standardization bodies that are shaping the latest in security standards and best practices.

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