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Huawei OptiXtrans OSN 1800 has been ranked as the only ‘leader’ in packet-optical access, according to the latest report Packet-Optical Access: Competitive Landscape Assessment published in August by GlobalData.

Packet-Optical Access devices were evaluated across five dimensions: data support, client interfaces, capacity, transport features, and physical attributes and management. Huawei OptiXtrans OSN 1800 received the highest score and was the only one to be rated ‘Leader’. GlobalData is a leading provider of data, analytics, and insights on the world's largest industries.

Convergent services have become a prevailing trend. By 2025, over 90% of top operator networks will be constructed with fixed, mobile, and enterprise convergence (FMEC), and users from mobile, home, and enterprise networks will expect premium service experience. Against this backdrop, OTN to Edge is the key to guaranteeing optimal and assured service experience.

Huawei Edge OTN solution uses the highly-integrated OSN 1800 series to adapt to all scenarios for fast and cost-effective network construction. The OSN 1800 II 2 U chassis is used at an access site, with the OSN 1800 V 5 U chassis at an aggregation site, achieving "one fiber for one ring, one box for one site, and one board for one direction".

Highlights of the solution include:

Simplified optical layer: The simplified optical layer with 1D1S (one direction one slot) saves space by 75%. It implements hybrid transmission of gray and colored optical signals, reuses optical fibers, and enables smooth evolution to "IP/SDH+OTN" networks.

Simplified electrical layer: The X-mesh backplane for distributed OTN switching reduces power consumption and costs, and its Y-ponder can work as both ponder and OTN boards to access any services and improve line utilization.

Simplified site: Devices can be deployed outdoors on poles or walls, supporting a variety of scenarios.

Simplified operation: The optical layer can be deployed first, with the electrical layer deployed later on demand.

“Huawei OptiX OSN 1800 V pro provides the leading high-speed client port density in the class, and the leading switching capacity per RU”, said Emir Halilovic, principal analyst at GlobalData. “These features, combined with varied available client port types and high transport capacity, allow operators to use OSN 1800 series to efficiently support transport use cases from enterprise private lines to mobile transport.”

Meanwhile, Victor Zhou, president of Huawei's optical transmission network domain, said,"Huawei will strive to boost the innovation of Huawei OptiXtrans product series and partner with global operators to build all-optical networks for premium service experience."

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