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Nokia announced the launch of FP5, its fifth generation of high-performance IP routing silicon. As the new heart of Nokia’s IP service routing platforms, FP5 will enable service providers to address today’s unrelenting requirements to efficiently scale network capacity, enable new higher speed IP services, and provide unmatched protection against escalating network security threats.

Federico Guillén, president of network infrastructure, Nokia, said, “Our customers require their networks to be robust, agile, and adaptable enough to handle everything life throws at them – from disruptive security threats to a global pandemic. FP5 is a significant step forward in performance, security, and efficiency and – in combination with our software excellence and investment in network automation and tools – it opens the next chapter in Nokia’s long-standing leadership in IP networking and IP silicon innovation.”

Building upon four generations of industry-leading network processors, Nokia is raising the bar by adding support for high-density 800GE routing interfaces, a 75% reduction in power consumption, and new embedded line rate, flow-based encryption capabilities.

As cloud architectures, 5G and Industry 4.0 continue to drive network transformation, service providers require mission-critical IP networks to be increasingly secure, agile, and sustainable. IP networks must provide guaranteed high performance and integrity in the face of growing threats from network-level attacks and security breaches. They must also be able to adapt to address unforeseen changes and to support service evolution over the lifespan of the network. In addition, IP networking equipment must become increasingly power-efficient to minimize its impact on the environment.

With the introduction of Nokia’s fifth-generation FP5 network processing silicon, Nokia brings a new suite of IP routing solutions to help service providers transform mission-critical IP networks to address these new and evolving requirements.

Hiroyuki Oto, SVP and GM of core network development department, NTT DOCOMO, INC., said, “Our network needs to continue to evolve to meet the demands from our consumers, communities, and businesses. With Nokia’s latest generation of silicon innovation and their careful attention to ensuring investment protection with the flexibility to adapt to new requirements, we believe Nokia is delivering the right foundation to ensure IP networks can efficiently scale and transform to stay ahead of ever shifting market demands.”

Christian Gacon, VP of broadband networks, Orange France, said, “We have had a long relationship with Nokia from the very first silicon processor release. As our network continues to evolve to meet the demands of our customers, innovations such as Nokia’s FP5 silicon will enable us to balance capacity, maintainability and security to deliver the best customer experience. Introducing this exciting innovation into existing platforms will ensure that we can gracefully evolve our networks as we look to manage both planned and unexpected demands in a sustainable way.”

During the first half of 2022, Nokia FP5-based platforms will be available.

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