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Atrebo, together with Telefónica Tech, announced the use of TrustOS, Telefónica Tech’s Blockchain platform, to register the 200,000 telecommunications infrastructures managed by Atrebo's TREE platform, including towers and other sites. Thanks to this operation, infrastructure managers will have information on their actual status in near-real time and with total confidence, providing traceability and transparency to tower operations, both in terms of operations and logistics.

From the operational point of view, the platform will record incidences and issues, service levels, traffic data managed by the infrastructures and all information relevant to their activity while in service. From the logistical point of view, all related processes will be transparent, recording all maintenance operations, added or removed equipment (e.g. replacement of radio technology), events related to concessions and/or ownership or lease of sites, energy management, etc.

Once a tower has been digitized and created as an asset in TrustOS, the use of blockchain makes it possible to easily certify and audit not only its current status, but also the history of the actions carried out on it. With the help of the Tower Automation Alliance, the digitization and traceability model on Blockchain used by Telefónica Tech and Atrebo will become the market standard for auditing this type of information and will greatly facilitate future valuation exercises of this type of infrastructure in M&A operations. The availability of this individualized traceability information will even make it possible to discriminate between the different towers and estimate higher or lower returns depending on their locations, the equipment incorporated, its state of conservation or the accumulated issues and repairs.

The application of blockchain will also allow the introduction of innovation in this industry and the development of new business models for telecommunications infrastructures, such as the tokenisation of towers via NFTs, the commercialization of a tower rights based on the issuance of these NFTs or the implementation of crowdfunding mechanisms based on their future returns to finance their operation or future deployments.

"This exciting new agreement will allow Atrebo to continue on the path with Telefónica towards the complete digital transformation of telecommunications asset and infrastructure management", said Jesús del Estad, CEO of Atrebo.

José Luis Núñez, head of the blockchain business at Telefónica Tech, said, "With this operation, we are extending the successful blockchain-based asset management model that we have been developing since we started to adopt blockchain for managing our supply chain in Brazil. It is another milestone in the adoption of the technology with which we demonstrate how it can be applied in real projects and build new business models based on trusted ecosystems".

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