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Huawei held the Kuwaiti Employees Open Day 2022 recently to recognize Kuwaiti employees' contribution to the company's success. Dubbed "Shall We Talk", the event also served as a platform for Kuwaiti employees to share their experience at Huawei, which makes a positive response to Kuwait vision 2035 and aligns with Kuwaiti government’s "job creation" agenda.

Among those in attendance were Sheikh Abdullah Al Sabah, KDIPA deputy director-general; Liam Zhao, CEO of Huawei Gulf North; Shunli Wang, VP of Huawei Middle East; Rico Lin, CEO of Huawei Kuwait, among other senior executives.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Sabah, KDIPA deputy director-general (C); Liam Zhao, CEO of Huawei Gulf North (L); Shunli Wang, VP of Huawei Middle East (R)

Commenting on the event, Liam Zhao said, "The success of Kuwaiti staff is our success. Huawei is making concerted efforts to overcome cultural differences and adapt to Kuwait society, as we explore how we can better support our local employees, customers and partners for shared success." He also emphasized that Kuwaitization is an important focus area for Huawei Kuwait as Huawei’s local contribution to the society.

On his part, Rico Lin said, "Huawei will maintain its long-term investment in Kuwait, and apply the world's leading experience and technologies to the country, and offer the job opportunities in the new technologies domain such as green energy, AI, cloud, etc., in support of Kuwait Vision 2035."

Meanwhile, Sheikh Abdullah Al Sabah stated that the country looks to attract added value direct investments that look to hire nationals and provide them with quality training to contribute to Kuwait society for a more sustainable future.

The event culminated with an award ceremony to recognize exemplary performance by Kuwaiti employees. Among accolades given were the Excellent Kuwaiti Engineer Award, the Excellent Kuwaiti Employees Award, and the Kuwaiti Loyalty Award.

For the past 15 years, Huawei has continued to invest in Kuwait and brought the world's latest technologies to the country's operators. As a result, from 2G to 5G, Kuwait's mobile communication market has developed rapidly, connecting more than 4 million users, leading the globe in internet usage, user experience, mobile penetration, and the most affordable communication rates. Today, the company has ongoing partnerships with local operators and government ICT projects in the pipeline.

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