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Nokia introduced its new Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) Wi-Fi solution and MX Boost for private wireless that leverage the importance of wireless networks in connecting industrial assets for organizations implementing Industry 4.0 use cases and the growing adoption of private 4.9G/LTE and 5G.

Available in Q4 2022, the Nokia DAC Wi-Fi solution allows organizations to tap into a license-free spectrum to augment their private networks and support non-business-critical operational technology (OT) workflows. These organizations can now take advantage of the Nokia DAC single cloud-based operations and management interface for all connectivity technologies, add plug-and-play private wireless 4.9G/LTE and 5G for real-time reliable connectivity, or boost capacity with Wi-Fi 6 for other connectivity needs. This not only provides unparalleled flexibility, but also significant cost efficiencies that come with single platform operations.

Stephan Litjens, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for Nokia, said, “By introducing the Nokia DAC Wi-Fi connectivity solution to our portfolio, we broaden our support for connecting machines, sensors and people to accelerate our clients’ Industry 4.0 journey. Moreover, with all data flowing into our MX Industrial Edge, we also make it easier for application developers and system integrators to create intelligent solutions as they can process that data in real time on our open compute platform. With Nokia DAC Wi-Fi, we place connectivity choice firmly in the hands of our customers and offer a solution that best meets their digital transformation needs today and tomorrow.”

In parallel with this, MX Boost for private wireless functions at the IP layer and combines disparate radio technologies and spectrum to achieve the best possible reliability and performance for demanding Industry 4.0 use cases. Using MX Boost, organizations can aggregate Wi-Fi and 4.9G/LTE to optimize throughput and improve determinism, which is the ability of the network to guarantee performance, even in challenging radio conditions for real-time applications.

 “As a leader in private wireless, we want to deliver the most innovative solutions to meet the connectivity needs of all our customers. The capabilities of private 4.9G/LTE and 5G allow them to support demanding applications, and in many cases, deployments leveraging multiple layers and frequency bands. Nokia MX Boost can aggregate and integrate those layers to supercharge performance and reliability. It operates over any Wi-Fi network, as well as with the new Nokia DAC Wi-Fi, to allow companies the greatest choice in the way they support their digital transformation,” added Litjens.

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