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By Christine Ziadeh, Content Manager, Telecom Review Group

Ensuring the best customer experience and network quality during one of the world’s most famous and popular events has been at the top of all telecom players’ agendas. Two of the world's leading digital enablers, Ooredoo and Huawei, have signed a Key Event Assurance agreement to offer critical services during the upcoming FIFA World Cup, which will be held this year in Qatar.

In the framework of the agreement, more than 100 Huawei experts will work at the Ooredoo 24x7 Operations Center in Qatar to guarantee seamless services and always-on connectivity at the most anticipated event of the year.

Li Peng, president of Carrier BG Group, Huawei, visited Ooredoo Group in Doha, Qatar, to meet Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, and Deputy Group CEO.

On the occasion of the Key Event Assurance Agreement signature, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, Chief Executive Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “This strategic partnership between Ooredoo Qatar and Huawei looks set to be a winning team as the largest single-sport competition in the world comes to Qatar.  Ooredoo continues to be committed to upgrading our customer’s world, and with 1.2 million fans expected to convene over the 29 days of the event, our common goal is to deliver transformational digital experiences for all, as well as to the billions watching on TV around the world.”

Mr. Li Peng, president of Carrier BG Group, Huawei, said: "Huawei has rich experience in various international sporting events. Huawei will use multiple leading technologies in partnership with Ooredoo to contribute to the success of this exceptional sports feast taking place in Qatar.”

Ooredoo and Huawei will also deploy a state-of-the-art broadcast solution that will carry live broadcasting traffic globally, with centers installed at three different locations in Qatar to ensure its smooth operation. In addition, viewers in the state of Qatar who decide to watch the matches from the comfort of their homes will boast an immersive experience thanks to the next-generation TV services that will be provided by the two digital enablers through their fixed broadband network.

The best customer experience will be guaranteed thanks to the latest-generation network equipment that will be deployed in seven stadiums and the proactive response to any potential issues, which will be identified by resilience tests to be performed regularly in all the stadiums. Fans will also be able to stay connected at all times and benefit from seamless voice and data services in key public locations, such as the Qatar Rail metro lines.

Voice over LTE service experience will be upgraded to carry the massive increase in data traffic and subscriber load, and customized packages will be offered to customers. Ooredoo and Huawei will also deploy augmented reality assisted operations across stadiums and broadcast networks to ensure a smooth experience.

Huawei will be using its global experience of delivering network assurance programs during various international sporting events, along with the latest AR assisted operations, to guarantee the best experience for fan, whether at stadiums or at home.

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