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Education is an important pillar that influences the progress of people and societies. iQ stated its commitment to supporting the education sector through its efforts and activities and creating an informed and capable generation.

iQ believes that education plays a pivotal role in the advancement of nations and provides the opportunity for each individual to contribute to positive changes in society.

In line with this, the Iraqi-based company has organized several workshops and courses tackling the fundamentals of IT, R&D and access networks, as well as the commercial department in an ISP company, such as iQ.

Many of these educational courses and workshops have been conducted in collaboration with colleges and institutes, while others have taken place within iQ's office premises.

According to the company, a total of 136 students attended these courses and workshops in 2022 alone. These enabled knowledge sharing and training for the in-demand skills necessary in today’s digital era.

More initiatives like these will be done by iQ as part of their mission to provide the best technology-based tools and create a pathway to infinite possibilities for the people of Iraq.

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