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ZainTECH, the integrated digital solutions provider of Zain Group, entered a strategic partnership with global analytics software provider FICO to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics for clients in the Middle East. The agreement was signed at GITEX Global 2023, where ZainTECH made its inaugural presence as an exhibitor.

FICO and ZainTech Collaboration Industry Expansion

The collaboration with FICO will see ZainTECH expand its reach into new industries in the domains of data science and analytics and digital transformation in the region. By harnessing FICO's decision-making, analytics, and data streaming capabilities, ZainTECH aims to broaden its range of data-driven and analytics-powered solutions for telecommunications, financial services, retail, and power & utilities companies. This will empower these businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and discover fresh sources of revenue.

ZainTECH already boasts a solid AI and Data Science practice dedicated to helping clients solve their business challenges through the effective, secure, and responsible use of data. By transforming untapped business data into Connected Intelligence, ZainTECH empowers organizations to uncover powerful insights, optimize decision-making, enhance customer experiences, boost operational efficiency, strengthen risk management, streamline compliance, and uncover new revenue streams.

Endorsed by Andrew Hanna (CEO, ZainTECH) and Marcelo Kekligian (VP, Partnerships, FICO)

Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Hanna, CEO of ZainTECH said, The impact of data sciences on businesses and society at large is undeniable, and we believe this is a technological advancement that will continue to be truly transformational in the future. We have been proactive in dedicating significant resources to AI and data analytics, and this latest partnership with FICO reflects our commitment to working with best-in-class technology providers to accelerate the development and delivery of innovative data solutions to our clients.”

Marcelo Kekligian, Vice-President of Partnerships – Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific at FICO, commented, “ZainTECH is a regional leader in data science solutions, and this partnership will help MENA firms compete more effectively and meet their customers’ needs for analytics-powered solutions.”

The Role of Connected Intelligence at ZainTECH

Connected Intelligence refers to ZainTECH’s approach to connecting enterprise-wide data in a way that is correctly governed, analyzed, and applied in real-world situations to enhance a business’s performance. The approach involves combining organizational data with deep industry insights, and then applying it precisely to industry-specific situations.

ZainTECH assists clients on their digital transformation paths by delivering industrial AI and data solutions that facilitate nimble and accurate decision-making. These solutions leverage top-tier technology, and this technological prowess is set to grow even further through the collaboration with FICO.

ZainTECH’s Innovative Data Lab

In line with its commitment to innovation, ZainTECH has established a Data Lab focused on accelerating data experiments. This multidisciplinary and collaborative environment brings together passionate people with innovative ideas in an ecosystem of data alliances and partnerships that promotes the effective, secure, and responsible use of data. The aim is to accelerate data monetization and discover new ways to solve complex business problems for clients.

ZainTECH and FICO Partnership Enhancement

ZainTECH's provision of actionable business insights through data visualization is yet another method by which the company aids its clients in deciphering condensed historical data. This assists them in comprehending past events, while also pinpointing behavioral patterns, trends, and insights that may shape their future business outcomes. These capabilities will be further enhanced through ZainTECH’s collaboration with FICO.

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