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CellMax has released another high-efficiency antenna with 10 ports to allow additional applications on sites. CellMax now provides a comprehensive portfolio that includes configurations for sites requiring ports on mid-band, in addition to the previously offered 4 and 8-port mid-band configurations.

With more than 2 decades of experience in producing an antenna with the highest efficiency in the market, CellMax’s portfolio for application has never been richer.

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Energy Efficiency

Today, operators lose millions of kWh in the form of heat in traditional base station antennas. Utilizing CellMax's high-efficiency antennas enables operators to sustain current coverage even with reduced on-site output power. This facilitates heightened subscriber satisfaction and improved throughput during peak hours. Additionally, companies can leverage the features of the triple-band radios to decrease transmitted power during non-peak hours. Our antennas allow companies to not only save the planet and associated costs during non-peak hours but also maintain great service and access to the company’s customers.

Increased Subscriber Satisfaction

The improved traffic distribution between low-band and mid-band that comes with CellMax antennas, allows for more connections, fewer dropped calls and higher throughput on the low-band; while increasing coverage, indoor penetration and data throughput on the high-band. This results in increased subscriber satisfaction and higher revenues.

Looking at the total cost of ownership end-to-end, this antenna is the natural choice. By improving coverage, frequency utilization and data throughput, this antenna improves and maximizes existing assets.

The platform supports 4X4 MIMO for both mid-band and low-band.

CellMax New

10-Port Antenna


About CellMax

CellMax Technologies AB, founded in 2001, is a privately owned company that develops and markets high efficiency base station antennas for mobile networks. CellMax’s headquarters and state-of-the-art research facility is located in Kista, Stockholm— the center of IT and Telecom in Sweden.

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