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Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Orange International Carriers have connected their networks, so both companies can offer their customers HD voice services and support the industry with enhanced voice offerings.

With HD Voice, callers’ voices are noticeably enhanced with a richer, clearer and more natural tone. Background interference is reduced and users experience a better sense of closeness to the person on the other end of the mobile phone. Tests have shown 25% higher satisfaction levels with conversations using HD Voice. This improvement is due to the fact that HD Voice is transmitted between 50 Hz and 7kHz, which is higher than standard audio. It is also closer to the frequency of in-person voices, which is normally in the 80Hz to 14kHz range. 

Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, explained: “Orange is one of our key cooperation partners implementing HD voice. This is an important milestone in providing the best possible experience for our customers. We are looking forward to more cooperation partners joining soon to deliver best voice quality available.”

“This advance in international voice call services is essential in today’s environment. It means that customers will now enjoy the best possible quality during their calls, whether personal or business and at no extra charge. I am happy to have implemented this important feature with our long standing partner, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier,” added Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange International Carriers.

Deutsche Telekom and Orange support HD Voice across their footprints at a price-per-minute that will be the same as without HD Voice. Both companies will continue to augment their international voice interconnections by gradually extending the HD Voice service to their respective subsidiaries with the aim of developing customer usage. Deutsche Telekom and Orange encourage carriers to adopt identical HD voice implementation across the world because quality is one of the major customer expectations.

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