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Vodafone UK has reportedly increase the speed requirements of its entry-level fiber-based fixed broadband offering.

The British communications provider previously offered 100Mbps-capable broadband connection for around $35 (£28) per month.

They have now doubled the speed of the cheapest available ‘Gigafast’ branded plan which they provide to 200Mbps, whilst maintaining the same price.

Despite this, the maximum speeds are set to remain the same.

Vodafone UK’s top-tier fiber plan currently (which is based off Cityfibre’s £4bn infrastructure roll-out program) features symmetrical speeds of up to 900Mbps for the price of approximately $60 (£48).

Cityfibre’s project plans to deploy a new 1Gbps capable full fiber broadband network to as many as 1 million businesses and households across the UK by the end of 2021.

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