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Safaricom signed a five-year lease agreement to share a dark fibre-optic agreement with Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

EEP has built a network of optical ground wire (“OPGW”) cables along high voltage transmission lines. Optical Ground Wire is one of the most reliable fibre optic mediums for telecom service providers or other organizations who are involved in the transmission of one or more forms of voice, data, video, text, messages, conferencing, and Tele-metering.

The OPGW installed on EEP’s high voltage transmission will be used as part of Safaricom’s network to provide national telecommunications services.

Commenting on this agreement, Safaricom says that such infrastructure sharing agreements will enable the operator to fulfil their commitment to transform Ethiopian lives for a digital future and contribute to efforts being made to the phased operation launch.

“We are grateful for the spirit of cooperation from EEP on the win-win partnership to support our contributions to the digital transformation of Ethiopia,” says the operator.

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