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Integrated Telecom Company (Salam)— licensed to provide fixed telecommunications services with infrastructure— has finalized the sale of its entire fiber optic network to Technical Links Services Company Limited (TLS). TLS, a wholesale infrastructure service provider licensed by the Communications, Space, & Technology Commission (CST), was established by Al-Mawarid Investment Limited as a limited liability company (LLC) in 2020. Previously, Salam received CST approval on a three-phase implementation plan to transfer all of Salam's fiber-optic network assets to TLS.

This announcement follows CST's approval of Salam's request to sell all its fiber optic infrastructure assets to TLS, along with the approval of Salam's request to acquire a 60% ownership stake in TLS.

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A Robust Fiber Optic Infrastructure

TLS will own the fiber optic infrastructure assets and will function as a wholesale service provider, enabling other service providers and researchers to leverage the company's fiber optic network infrastructure within the Kingdom. As a wholesale service provider, TLS will operate as a central hub, facilitating access to its extensive fiber optic network infrastructure for various stakeholders, including service providers and researchers.

Through intricate coordination and management, TLS will establish agreements with these entities, granting them access to its network resources. This access enables service providers to expand their offerings without the need for extensive infrastructure investments, thus fostering innovation and competition in the market.

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Moreover, researchers will benefit from accessing high-quality data transmission capabilities provided by TLS's infrastructure. This access opens avenues for in-depth analysis, experimentation, and the development of new technologies and applications reliant on robust network connectivity.

Following the completion of the sale, TLS will become one of the largest providers of telecommunications services for the Kingdom's fiber-optic infrastructure.

In its recent report on fixed broadband experience in Saudi Arabia, Opensignal, a global provider of unbiased insights into consumer connectivity, highlighted that Salam excelled in all five key user experience metrics, offering the fastest download speeds, seamless streaming, and consistently high-quality internet service for users throughout the Kingdom.
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