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MYCOM OSI, a leader in network assurance and service experience assurance for communications service providers (CSPs), has announced new features and capabilities of its Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) Service Assurance suite and Telco Transformation Solutions to support reduced mean time to identify, diagnose and repair mobile and fixed line network problems.

AInsights Adds International Roaming

A new international roaming feature has been added to the AInsights application that enables CSPs to predict the performance of their network and services. The new feature offers on-demand predictive maintenance for roaming services. A flexible user-defined approach helps the CSP to independently perform forecasting, pattern discovery, and anomaly detection for international roaming services. This can result in up to 80% reduction in mean time to diagnose problems, and up to 99% anomaly compression using AI capabilities.

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New EAA Trouble Ticket Framework

A new EAA Trouble Ticket framework (available across all EAA PM, FM and SQM applications) enables end-to-end automation use cases— from auto ticketing the alarms into the ticketing system, to generating the work orders, to dispatching it to the right owner group and enriching the ticket with impacted assets from service disruptions. The framework has been proven by CSPs to reduce MTTI and MTTR by up to 90% by creating auto tickets in different domains, such as core, RAN (2G/4G/5G), and broadband. CSPs can now autonomously build new ‘Trouble Ticketing’ policies, reducing the time-to-market from 4 weeks to less than 3 days.

GIS-Enhanced Web Dashboarding Application

New GIS capabilities have been added to the dashboard, based on geolocation-based drill down, leading to significant reduction in troubleshooting time. The web app offers predefined sets of executive and management dashboards for network-wide trends, performance metrics and drill down.

Fast Reporting Time for Network Changes

MYCOM OSI’s EAA-Performance Management application, PrOptima, has been enhanced to benefit users by reducing the time for reporting network changes in topology/inventory by a factor of 2. Thus, the EAA-PM user can now include the network changes in the PM reports for higher accuracy.

SLA Monetization Solution

MYCOM OSI’s Service Experience Assurance Solutions have introduced an SLA monetization solution for the enterprise business units of CSPs. With this solution, CSPs can monetize the performance of their networks and services.  MYCOM OSI’s solution collects and monitors the data sources, generating KPIs, KQIs, and SLIs, configuring the SLA violation thresholds and reporting the aggregated result to the CSP business team for monetization. This solution has already been deployed and integrated at an Asian Tier-1 mobile CSP.

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5G Standalone Assurance Solutions

MYCOM OSI has added new solutions for faster and intelligent identification and notification of the root cause of 5G Standalone core network problems. For any degradations in the 5G Standalone core network registration (specific to particular network parameters) the 5G Standalone Assurance Solution can guide the NOC user to a faster resolution with a few clicks, saving significant troubleshooting time. This solution has been deployed and integrated at a Far-East Tier 1 mobile CSP.

Enhanced Automation Solutions

MYCOM OSI has expanded its portfolio of automation solutions for higher operational efficiency in different domains of mobile/fixed networks:

  • Fixed Network: Automation of detection, correlation, pre-checking and ticketing, for feeder fiber-related issues seen in fixed access networks.
  • Mobile Network: Identifying degradations of mobile cells proactively and notifying NOC users for faster turnaround times, using multidata correlations.
  • Transport Network: Automating the root cause of ‘site down’ alarms in mobile networks and ‘Optical Invalid’ alarms in fixed networks for faster identification and resolution.
  • Support for 3rd party automation tools by offering action recommendations and using intelligent workflow solutions.

These automation solutions have been deployed and integrated at a large Asian Tier 1 mobile CSP.

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