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Technology vendors are spending years and billons in their R&D. Part of the R&D centers develops the best power consumption solution of their products and examines even how the BTS can be totally green and how it can work in very far regions where no power resources exist. This is why they develop BTS working 24/24 on solar and wind powers.

In addition, those R&D centers are exploring electricity solutions, smart solutions, chips, connectivity, among others, which are the basic foundation of autonomous, connected and electrical cars components.

The Chinese vendor Huawei plans to produce electric vehicles under its brand.

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is in talks with state-owned Changan Automobile and Beijing-backed BluePark New Energy Technology BAIC Group for using their car factories to produce electric smart vehicles, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Huawei is aiming to produce concept models this year. The Chinese vendor will join many Asian tech companies that have made similar announcements in recent months, including Baidu Inc and Foxconn. As a result, the shares listed company such as Changan Chongqing Changan Automobile rose 5.22%, while BluePark shares jumped to the maximum daily limit of 8%.

Huawei is not a public company but for sure this step will make it soon a greater tech giant.

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