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There is no doubt that we have witnessed in the last 5 years a huge triple digits growth in data traffic, which has exceeded all expectations.  

The increasing use of mobile apps by end users demands network enhancements, from increasing capacity and managing the network capabilities, to the optimization of the network that can be easily managing multiple apps and multiple connections with millions of users connected.

This is why the networks optimizations using SD-WAN is gaining ground and every vendor is trying to go further in order to offer the best solutions for the networks, at the level of architecture, configurations and benefits.

The SD-WAN delivering faster multi connections at low cost has become among the most important technologies. Generally SD-WAN has many pillars such as:

  • Ability to support multiple connection
  • Capability to create dynamic path
  • Easier configuration                                                                                                  

Also, the SD WAN is used more to support SDN beyond data centers, cloud-based management and automation to virtualize the enterprises’ connections and make simple delivery of services between remote and branch office to clouds and data centers which is essential these days.

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