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For over a year now, the whole world is grappling with the repercussions of a serious pandemic. The travel industry has been affected more than anything else. The events’ business is also one of sectors that are bearing the brunt despite the organization of virtual events that have been a good solution but never an alternative to in-person events.

The talk of a global digital pass which includes our Covid19 medical records comprising of PCR tests results and vaccination update, was promising but unfortunately hasn’t materialized yet.

As this is a new pandemic, confusion reigned around who is the right authority to approve this pass - is it the WHO, the IATA, or each airline in coordination with the country’s health authority?

Trials were conducted between UK and Singapore flights and the Emirates and Dubai Health Authority will have their own pass soon so whereby vaccinated residents can fly without presenting any documents or waiting for confirmation ahead of travel.

The EU health chief said in statement that as of June, vaccinated travelers will be eligible to travel without having to undergo quarantines within the union countries, but strictly for the vaccines approved by the EU.

Why haven’t all the efforts deployed to launch a unified global pass borne fruit?

The WHO has been very slow and this delay was pushing many local authorities to take independent actions.

The United Nations should push the WHO to take responsibility and save the economy and millions of jobs around the world whether in the airlines business, hotels or even ground staff at airports.

The technology is available and it has proven its success in global digital platforms, therefore, immediate action should be taken.

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