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Speaking at the 12th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, CEO, Huawei Levant Region, Mr. Paul Fengnan, presented to the large audience Huawei’s vision to Lebanon and described their active contribution in this country.

 Recently, the company inaugured a new store Downtown Beirut after seeing the big success of Huawei products in this market. The company will bring as well their newest product into this market, which is the foldable phone, launched recently.

“Huawei is not only product-centered, but it is also solution-centered”, Fengnan said. In the enterprise sector, they have launched two new strategies, and in Lebanon, they’re bringing their talent to the Lebanese ICT industry with Huawei Academy and internship programs.

From Huawei’s commitments, comes their promise to keep providing the latest technology and products to the Lebanese market to meet all kinds of needs. Plus, Mr. Fengnan adds that Huawei enjoys global partnerships, thus they can introduce a lot of their global partners to the local market in Lebanon.

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