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“Telecom has always been the fastest and the largest in terms of growing investments in IT because that’s the only way they become IT-enabled to serve the market,” said SVP – Technology Middle East, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe, Oracle, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban.

 “From Oracle’s perspective, we take this very seriously. That’s why our first form of Global Strategic Business Unit was in the communication area. Not just from the Global Strategic Business Unit only, but we have acquired a number of companies to enrich our solution footprint, that’s why we have been enjoying a good possession with almost every single telecom operator across the globe,” he added.

There are certain predictions as per analysts that tackled the revolution that might happen in 2019. In 2019, something different is going to happen and it is already happening. We are witnessing the 4th largest industry revolution in the IT industry itself along with a strong alliance and alignment between IT providers like Oracle and the telecom operators to ensure a better engagement.

Mr. Al Thehaiban summarizes what happens to be the offering from not only Oracle, but the IT industry itself. It falls into three categories that have a high impact on the way we live and the way we operate:

1-      Artificial Intelligence: which is a key element of the emerging technology. The data expected to be collected in 2019 pas per the analysts is equivalent to the data that has been collected in history because everything now goes into the IoT, emerging technology and etc.

2-      Blockchain: the way Oracle sees blockchain, is a source that can be trusted

3-      Autonomous: from a general perspective, everything brought us moving towards autonomous. We started to see smart cities, autonomous cars…. It is important to the industry because it helps us save lives by reducing accidents.

To wrap up his speech, Al Thehaiban talked about Oracle’s interest in acquisitions. In the last 15 years, the company spent hundred of millions of dollars on acquisitions to ensure that they consolidate their offering, simplify IT, and help customers to focus on their own business and become on Cloud because it will lower costs and increase innovation. The prediction is that in 2025, all enterprises will be on Cloud.

Oracle is willing to show full support to the Lebanese market, “we believe that our extended operation here will surely address our market requirement and bring the latest technology that has been implemented elsewhere to be surely used in the Lebanese market”


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