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CSG announced that it has formally acquired Tango Telecom, culminating its decade-long relationship, to form a complete end-to-end solution for converged voice and data services across 3G, 4G, and 5G networks and deliver enhanced monetization of B2B2x business models.  

Taking over the leading supplier of convergent policy control and messaging solutions would now arm CSG with real-time, dynamic policy, and call control management. This is beneficial alongside CSG’s industry-leading charging and digital monetization capabilities.

“Tango Telecom and its core policy control and messaging capabilities are a natural extension to CSG’s innovative digital monetization portfolio, aligning with our growth strategy and leadership in the wireless space,” said Ken Kennedy, COO and head of revenue management & digital monetization at CSG.

“5G is accelerating the number of digital services CSPs can deliver over next-generation networks. This new paradigm opens the doors to new data revenue streams that will enable CSPs to monetize every aspect of their customers’ at-home and on-the-go experience,” added Kennedy. The addition of Tango Telecom to the CSG platform means that CSP customers can more effectively manage data transactions that are crucial for delivering dynamic and exceptional end-customer experiences.

“Unless CSPs urgently modernize their monetization stacks, they will be unable to support the emerging business models that 5G will trigger,” said John Abraham, principal analyst at Analysys Mason. “By deploying a unified platform that serves all networks and digital services, CSPs can greatly reduce their risk, cost and complexity, while simultaneously provide the flexibility needed to monetize their 5G networks and roll-out IoT and other digital services.”

Tango Telecom is an Ireland-based privately-owned company that serves one billion subscribers in more than 50 countries. “Now as a combined company, we can harness the momentum we’ve built to further accelerate the growth of our CSP customers, enabling them to capture greater market share and capitalize on new revenue-generating sources powered by the world of 5G,” Dr. Colm Ward, CEO, Tango Telecom, concluded.

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