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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Bahrain releases an audit that demonstrates the Kingdom’s high-quality service networks with 5G download speeds exceeding 2 Gbps and the average 5G speed reaching approximately 440 Mbps.

Commenting on the report, Eng. Mohamed Alnoaimi, TRA’s Director of Technical & Operations, stated, “Preparing for the introduction of the latest mobile technologies is one of the most important strategic objectives of TRA. TRA has worked with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications and all relevant government entities to facilitate the launch of 5G services and to make the Kingdom of Bahrain one of the first countries to cover the population of Bahrain with 5G technologies, as it is easily available to citizens and residents.”

The audit results are considered a quantum leap in data download and upload speeds and quick response, showing the results of coverage, billing accuracy, and quality of service in general for all wireless Internet services and 5G networks.

“This is part of the Kingdom's efforts to make it an attractive center for investment maintaining its leading position regionally and internationally in telecommunications and information technology services.” Eng. Mohamed added. “We must commend the role of telecommunications companies that have invested in these technologies and provided them to consumers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, enabling them to access multiple Internet services efficiently at better speeds."

TRA is constantly assuring that Bahrain preserves its status as a leading global hub in this critical sector and aims at improving readiness for the latest applications like the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

Bahrain has full nationwide 5G coverage, which means its 1.5 million population can now access high-speed mobile internet through telco operators such as Batelco, Zain, and stc Bahrain.

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