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After the much-publicized cancellation of the iconic blue flag, Twitter Head Elon Musk has taken the additional step of renaming the company to “X Corp” to become a single corporate application with multiple functions: electronic payments and ticket booking, and exchange of messages, conversations, and files.

Changing the name from Twitter to X Corp is in accordance with Musk’s vision for Universal Implementation (X). The Company made the announcement in an email: “We are writing to inform you that Twitter Inc. has been renamed X Corp, and the Twitter service will continue to be known as Twitter. From now on, you can refer to X Corp, rather than Twitter Inc., for all contracting, billing and other records you may have."

The Company stated that it has also made certain updates to its Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement, as well as other terms and policies, to reflect the change from Twitter, Inc., to X Corp.

This is not the first time such a decision has been made. Google changed its company's brand name to Alphabet while maintaining its basic services in 2015. And Facebook announced a similar adoption of the name Meta in 2021.

Musk has a history of founding companies under the name "X." In 2022, the American billionaire established three such companies in Delaware, one of which, "X Holdings II," subsequently merged with Twitter, while the latter retained its name, independence, administrative structure and continued compliance with Delaware corporate law.

The second company, “X Holdings I,” became the parent company that included Twitter under its umbrella after completing the acquisition. The third company, “X Holdings III,” was responsible for managing the finances.

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