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A recent survey revealed that Saudi Arabia is set to accelerate its hybrid multi-cloud deployment over the next three years. Currently, only 45% of companies in the country utilize multiple IT modes, indicating that they are still in the early stages of their digital transformation and cloud migration journeys.

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However, they have ambitious plans to increase their hybrid multi-cloud penetration to 51% within three years. In addition, organizations are looking to reduce their reliance on on-premises IT infrastructure and shift towards hosted data center services, aiming to eliminate on-premises infrastructure entirely and triple their usage of hosted services.

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When it comes to making decisions about IT infrastructure, Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey found that Saudi organizations prioritize cybersecurity as well as data protection and recovery. These factors play a crucial role in their choice of IT solutions.

In fact, a majority of respondents from Saudi Arabia (95%) as well as the wider EMEA region (94%), and the global survey pool (94%), agree that having a single platform to manage their private and public infrastructures would be ideal. However, only 37% currently have full visibility into the location of their data across different environments, highlighting room for improvement in this area.

One of the challenges faced by organizations in Saudi Arabia is cloud cost control, with 71% of respondents considering it a significant issue with their current IT infrastructures. They recognize the importance of efficiently managing cloud costs to optimize their operations.

Indeed, data has become a valuable asset and currency for modern businesses, requiring up-to-date, secure and readily available storage, management and analytics for continued operations and monetization.

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As a result, IT professionals in Saudi Arabia are increasingly seeking hybrid operations that go beyond traditional private and public infrastructures. This trend reflects the growing emphasis on infrastructure diversity and robust data services, including storage, security and management.

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