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With increased data and a higher demand for network capacity than ever before, the wholesale business plays a crucial role in delivering customer value and satisfaction.

In our webinar, titled “Increased Data Boosting Wholesale Capacity,” on July 12 at 5 PM, Dubai time, our esteemed panel of knowledgeable experts will speak about the importance of wholesale businesses in providing good services.

The panel will be moderated by Jeff Seal, Editor in Chief and Managing Partner, Telecom Review North America, and will feature esteemed speakers, including: Brendan Press, Chief Commercial Officer, GBI; Michael Farrie, Director and Solutions Groups Partner, Verizon; Latif Ozel, International Section Director, IQ; and Mohamed Abbas, Director and Hyperscalers Businesses, e&.

  • Key topics and talking points will include:

  • Capacity growth and network upgrades: 5G, fiber and cloud adoption

  • Evolving customer experience and go-to-market strategies

  • Meeting connectivity demands with subsea cable and data center investments

  • Importance of regional and global collaboration for innovation

  • Deploying best sustainability practices for data centers

  • Scaling network transformation and network security

  • What’s next globally: Activating next-gen networks for digital use cases

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about Increased Data Boosting Wholesale Capacity. Register now at the following link:


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