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The panel titled “Leveraging Generative AI for Successful Telco to Techco Transformation, powered by AWS, brought together industry leaders to explore the transformative potential of generative AI for telecom operators transitioning into techcos. The panel was moderator by Giuseppe Cau, Sr. Customer Solutions Manager - Middle East and Africa, AWS, and the esteemed panelists included,  Marc Veelenturf, CEO of Middle East Turkey & Head of Telecom, Media & Technology for Growing Markets, Atos, Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI; Samer Geissah, Director Technology Strategy and Architecture, TELUS; Denis Bernaert, VP Strategic Telco EMEA, Salesforce; Kemal Karakayali, AI/ML Telco Manager, AWS; and Ram Ramachandran - SVP & Head, Middle East & Africa, Tech Mahindra.

The panelists agreed that generative AI is a key focus for telecom operators to transform into techcos. This technology, driven by machine learning and deep neural networks, allows telcos to create innovative solutions that redefine customer experiences. Examples include predictive maintenance of network infrastructure, automated network optimization, intelligent traffic management, and proactive fault detection.

Sharing his view, Marc Veelenturf noted that in the modern ITC structure, the Cloud is the enabler, data the driver and AI helps to secure organizational silos.

Mounir Ladki pointed out that AI’s role in extracting data from networks to monetize services was a “big promise to our industry and for telcos wanting to become a techcos.”

The panel also highlighted the importance of making AI/ML and cloud innovation accessible to end customers through digital marketplaces. The panel also explored the potential of combining generative AI, advanced connectivity, and IoT to create smart user experiences, such as intelligent virtual assistants, smart homes, and connected vehicles.

Samer Geissah opined that large language models (LLM) implementation was just the “beginning of this revelation.”

Denis Bernaert stressed on the need for setting up data right as most data is in silos. He also noted that a unified layer with end-to-end processes to go to market strategy must include the combination of AI and CRM to be successful.

Kemal Karakayali said that increased autonomous operations, software developments, opens source usage, foundational models suggests that it’s time to invest in Gen-AI

Ram Ramachandran opined that all industry players will be responsible for the fabric of ICT ecosystem to set the course for Gen AI.

The panel discussed at length the importance of combining silicon innovation and cloud security to fully seize the generative AI opportunity.

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